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Second Book – Butterflies and Wrens

‘Butterflies and Wrens’

Robert Smith’s first book entitled ‘My Bunny Rabbit Adventures’ features his father’s repertoire of 1960’s bedtime stories about the bunnies who lived in the woods next door.

As you may already know, as the author, my first book drops a hint to watch out for my next book which features Hector from one of those original stories. So it is therefore Hector Bunny who now stars in this subsequent work entitled ‘Butterflies and Wrens’, which is a novel about Hector’s life and times from the age of 2 when he first met me, to when Hector’s first child reaches this impressionable age. The book therefore covers a complete generation of Hector’s circle of life.

Now ‘Butterflies and Wrens’ may be quite a long book. Well, put it this way. If it had been a normal-sized paperback it would have been over 900 pages long! So with over 311,000 words it’s actually 3 books in 1, so is really good value if you’re bargain hunting!

And you don’t have to read the first book to understand the second, so that’s a bonus too!

So that you know, and in case you were wondering, ‘Butterflies and Wrens’ is really aimed at children from 9 years to, well, however young or old you want to be really, and may typically be their or indeed your first novel. Although a novel is usually a fictitious story typically about a character, but with a degree of realism too, this novel includes some interesting true stories and facts as part of the story-line which you may find interesting, and just maybe utterly amazing too! So hopefully they will also inform your general knowledge and generate an interest in subjects which you may not have otherwise considered.

You can order ‘Butterflies and Wrens’ in either paperback (softcover) or eBook formats, and of course “My Bunny Rabbit Adventures’ in both formats and Audiobook too, from the Order Now tab below.

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Now you may already be confused by the title of this book and the top hat on the cover. “Whatever have butterflies and wrens got to do with rabbits or top hats?” I hear you ask. So even before you start reading, there is already mystery and intrigue, and hopefully something to arouse your curiosity!

You will discover that the grammar and complexity of the words and phrases gets increasingly more grown-up as you progress through the chapters of the book. In fact, you could say that this is commensurate, or similar and corresponds to the complexity of Hector’s life as he gets older and wiser, and more mature.

So from reading this book and hopefully enjoying discovering about Hector’s journey through life, the reader will learn something too.

The things you may learn from reading this book are however not just restricted to words and their meanings, but more importantly are also spread more widely about understanding your own and other peoples’ feelings, challenges and fears and how to deal with them, how to respect and treat others, and the virtues that distil, or which are taken from the experience of this never-ending story of learning which will form the basis of your lives, and which will make you into who you are or turn out to be.

This book is therefore an ideal first novel for children. But I would hope that people and of course rabbits and squirrels of all ages will find this book interesting and enjoyable too!

As Hector’s lifelong friend, I hope you enjoy ‘Butterflies and Wrens’ as much as I did writing it!

And if you’re still interested, here’s a short summary of what to expect. So, turning the page and entering into the book, Robert, that’s me remember, is your storyteller….

Butterflies and Wrens’ covers a period of 11 years in our young rabbit’s life, which may not sound like an enormously long time to write about. But when you are young, and then right through to the point where you may wish to find someone and settle down and start a family, you have to squeeze in an incredible amount of learning and growing up in a relatively short period of time.

For example, you start school, you make new friends, you learn new games, you learn to ride a bike, you may learn to play a musical instrument, you most certainly learn to read and write and do sums, you learn to respect your teachers and those older and more experienced than you, you learn new sports, you experience cuts and bruises and if you’re unlucky the odd broken bone here and there, you take holidays, you may experience the loss of loved ones and learn to cope with the trauma, or sadness that this may cause and how to recover from it, you have your first pet, then you go to secondary school, you make new friends again, and start to really grow up and experience life’s challenges, and learn how to deal with more onerous, or demanding things such as prejudice and bullying.

Then you see your body and feel your emotions change you from being a child into a young adult, you have your first girlfriends or boyfriends, start new hobbies, go out and enjoy yourself with your mates, travel, sit exams, start your first job, buy a car, move into your own place, settle down, and perhaps start a family too. Wow, I don’t know about you, but I’m out of breath already!

But all of these, and more, happened to Hector during what is a very influential and character-defining period of anyone’s life. And throughout Hector’s journey we will see how fate shaped his life in his early years, as it does for each and every one of us.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading my book.

My Bunny Rabbit Adventures

My Bunny Rabbit Adventures